Spring Home Checkup: The Essential Seasonal Roofing Guide

As we move deeper into spring, it is important to pay attention to the status of your home’s roof. The cold temperatures and snow during the winter months can do significant damage that might not be easily identifiable. If that damage is left unchecked, it can cause further issues down the road that might require significant repairs or even a roof replacement. Read below for some essential information about roofing, and contact the team at BJ Contracting of WV today for a free estimate!

roofing inspection

Inspection 101

Once the spring season has come and the snow and ice have melted, it is time for you to take a closer look at your roof. Damaged flashing, missing shingles, or shingles with curling edges are immediate indicators that your roof is in need of further inspection and repairs. Cracked chimneys, sagging spots, or pooling water are severe signs that you need to take action. Inspecting your roof in the spring can help save you money and maintain the integrity of your home.

roofing repair

Repairs Vs. Replacements

Depending on the scale of the damage to your roof, the extent of contracting services needed can range from a small-scale touch up to a full-on replacement. If you notice damage during your inspection, contacting a professional is the right choice. They can help determine whether you need minor repairs, like limited shingle or flashing replacement, or something more extensive, like a roof replacement. The former can generally be handled quickly, while the latter may require far more time and money.

handle roof damage

How to Handle Damage

Damage to your roof isn’t something to ignore. If you notice any sort of structural damage, missing shingles, or anything else out of the ordinary, it is crucial that you act quickly. Contact our contracting experts and have us come take a look. We will inspect your roof in order to determine the extent of the damage and then make a plan from there for how to repair it.

new roof

50 + Year Warranty With Your New Roof

If you are looking for a roof replacement this spring, you’ll want to hire a professional contracting service that offers you a great deal and backs up the work that they do. BJ Contracting offers a 50+ year warranty that will give you peace of mind with your new roof installation. We will handle the repair job, and if something were to happen that affected that work, we will replace it.

Make sure that your roof is in good repair this spring. If you notice any damage or are just in need of an inspection, contact BJ Contracting of WV for your free estimate now!